You've been in an accident. What should you do? Experiencing a crash can be unnerving even when no one is injured. You may go through a range of emotions including fear, anger and confusion, any of which potentially distort your perspective and impair your ability to make good decisions that will protect your interests.

If you live in New Providence and your vehicle is insured through an authorized agent of Bahamas First General Insurance Company, you will enjoy stress-free driving knowing there will be someone in your corner if you're involved in a mishap and you may not be functioning at your best.

When an accident happens, call First Response at 32-FIRST (32-34778) immediately and a van will rush to the scene where expert personnel will take full control of the situation, including:

  • Notifying police if they are not already on scene;
  • Calling an ambulance if required;
  • Assisting with the safety of all persons involved and securing all valuables in the vehicle; assist in exchanging information with the other(s) involved;
  • Taking statements and photographs;
  • Initiating the claim process and preparing the repair estimate;
  • Providing a wrecker to take the vehicle to an approved shop;
  • Assistance with transportation of the occupants of the insured vehicle(s) to a secure destination of choice.

Service Area & Hours of Operation

The First Response Service is available in New Providence only, from 8:00am until midnight, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

First Response