What to do if you are involved in a motor accident in New Providence? Drivers whose vehicles are insured through authorized agents of Bahamas First General Insurance Company enjoy free access to First Response, an exclusive program that provides on-location service and support from the moment of an accident through the claim and repair process. The First Response service is available in New Providence only, from 8 a.m. until midnight, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Call 32-FIRST (32-34778) immediately and a trained response agent will be sent to help you. When you call First Response, you'll be asked for your name, vehicle registration number and the location of the accident. If your vehicle has engine trouble or a flat tire, or you witness and accident but are not involved, you should not call First Response. Try to remain calm. Provide whatever aid you can and secure your valuables as much as possible. Do not admit liability or make an offer of payment to any person at the scene. When the van arrives, the First Response agent will:

  • Notify police if they are not already on scene;
  • Call an ambulance if required;
  • Check on the safety of all persons involved and secure all valuables in the insured vehicle(s);
  • Facilitate the exchange of driver and insurance information;
  • Obtain basic information relating to the accident;
  • Photograph the scene and examine the vehicles;
  • Initiate your insurance claim and prepare a repair estimate;
  • Call a wrecker to take your vehicle to an approved shop, where repairs can begin immediately;
  • Assist with transportation to a secure destination of choice (usually home).
Follow up with police later whether or not you intend to file a claim. This is a requirement under Road Traffic legislation.

First Response