An accident is an unforeseen, unintended and unexpected event that usually results in damage to persons or property. You often hear incidents of burglaries and other mishaps that befall others, but you don't give it a second thought, until it's too late. That's why we offer several types of Accident coverage.
  • Burglary This policy covers loss of or damage to property by theft, (or attempted theft) involving entry to or exit from a building by forcible and violent means.
  • Glass This policy covers breakage of fixed glass in commercial and industrial premises and public buildings. In addition the policy pays the cost of any necessary boarding up pending the replacement of the glass, it being understood that the maximum amount payable is the sum insured.
  • Money This policy covers loss/destruction or damage to money belonging to the insured or for which he is responsible, by any cause, while being conveyed by an authorised person, or in the insured's premises or in a bank night safe.
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