Your Hands On Automobile Insurance

Your car is more than a mode of transport: it's an expression of your personal style and one of the largest investments you may ever make. Before operating any vehicle you should have adequate motor insurance: it's the law, and it also protects you financially in case of a mishap.

At NUA, we make it easy for you to choose the auto insurance coverage that fits your personal or business needs. To ensure your car is as safe as possible, we offer the following types of motor insurance:

"Third Party" - To protect you from liability for damage to other people's property and for death or bodily injury to those persons.

"Third Party, Fire & Theft" - To protect you as per Third Party, as mentioned above, and to cover the cost of replacing your stolen or burnt vehicle.

"Comprehensive" - Covers all of the above plus accidental damage to your vehicle including collision and vandalism.

Comprehensive Coverage and Benefits

NUA Comprehensive Private and Commercial Car Policies Include:

  • Loss of or damage to your vehicle caused by hurricane, windstorm, earthquake, and flood. Up to $750 to repair or replace broken glass in windscreens or windows. The No Claim Discount will not be affected nor will an excess/deductible apply.

NUA Comprehensive Private Car Policies Include:

  • Liability protection for the death or injury of passengers in your vehicle.
  • Up to $500 for emergency medical treatment for the insured or the authorized driver following a collision.
  • Up to $150 to cover the cost of removing your damaged vehicle after an accident.
  • Up to $500 ( $50 per day) for a rental vehicle, in the event your car is immobile after an accident or fire, or if your car is stolen, (per policy period).
  • Eligibility for First Response, the only program of its kind in The Bahamas that provides on-location service and support from the moment a motor vehicle accident occurs through the claim and repair process. It is offered at no additional cost to NUA clients.
Note: Our commercial and private motor policies cover the minimum liability limit required under the Road Traffic Act of The Bahamas regarding the death or bodily injury of third parties.
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