Your Hands On Household Insurance
If you are like most homeowners, you will probably never need to submit an insurance claim. But it's good to know that you will be reimbursed for any financial loss that might arise from sudden and accidental mishaps that are hard to predict and prevent. Your home is your largest investment, and we can help you preserve and protect it. The NUA Hands On Household Insurance Policy compensates you for loss of or damage to your house and its contents caused by:
  1. Fire, lightning, & explosion
  2. Riot and strike
  3. Malicious damage
  4. Impact by aircraft, road vehicles, & animals
  5. Burst pipes
  6. theft or attempted theft
  7. Hurricane, cyclone, tornado, windstorm, tidal wave, earthquake, and flood (Catastrophe perils)
  8. Accidental damage to underground pipes and cables, glass, and sanitary facilities are also covered.
  9. Public liability, personal liability and employer's liability up to a limit of $500,000 for any one loss

The Right Protection

It's important to find the right protection package to suit your needs. There are so many insurance providers and all offer different coverage. At NUA, we will apply our hands on approach to help you determine the level of coverage you need and can afford to cover your legal liabilities, which may include:
  1. Your house
  2. Structures on your property (sheds, cabanas, pools, boathouses, etc.)
  3. Personal property (jewelry, furs, art, furnishings, antiques)
  4. Liability for personal injury or property damage that occurs on your property

Making the choice, or a loss easier to bear...

It is wise to take a comprehensive inventory as soon as possible of what you own. This will make it easier to decide what level of coverage is appropriate and, in the unlikely event of a loss, it will make it fast and easy to make a claim. The last thing anyone needs after a devastating loss is having to hunt for photographs and documents that validate a loss. Create a videotape of the possessions in your home, or collect photographs of the items you would want replaced, and store them in a fire safe box, to prepare yourself in case of sudden misfortune.
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