Automobile Insurance

Why choose NUA for
your Automobile Insurance?

A car is more than just a set of wheels or a mode of transport. It’s your freedom and independence to be somewhere when you need to be. The road isn’t always smooth, but when something goes wrong, you’re in safe hands with our claims team. We promise a hassle-free experience, because we know when your vehicle is put out of action, the last thing you need is a lengthy claims process getting in the way.

  • Tailored coverage
  • Friendly and helpful service
  • First Response

What exactly should you insure?

Here are some coverage options that can help us tailor a policy to suit your particular needs and budget:

Third Party

To protect you from liability for damage to other people’s property and for death or bodily injury to those persons.

Third Party Total Loss

Cover for your liability for third party property damage, and bodily injury, and your vehicle (in the event of a total loss only).


Covers all other options plus accidental damage to your vehicle including collision and vandalism.

Comprehensive Coverage Benefits

NUA Comprehensive Private and Commercial Car Policies Include:

NUA Comprehensive Private Car Policies Include:

Note: Our commercial and private motor policies cover the minimum liability limit required under the Road Traffic Act of The Bahamas regarding the death or bodily injury of third parties.
First Response

First Response

With NUA, everything is made even easier with our First Response service. Through the entire claims process, from the time of the accident through to your final payout, NUA is at hand to offer support.

Whats more, this service is free to all our motor insurance customers.

In the event of an
incident, just call our
First Response service
on 32-FIRST (32-34778)

Auto Safe With NUA

By taking out an Auto Insurance policy, you’re covering yourself and your vehicle against the unexpected. As a valued customer of NUA, this gives you access to an exclusive 60 point vehicle inspection service – meaning not only are you covered in the event of an accident, but we’ll also help to keep your vehicle running at its best for as long as you own it.

Our Auto Safe service lets you know the insured value of your vehicle, along with providing an overall ‘health check’ to make sure you’re always hitting the road smoothly.

What’s included with our 60 point inspection service?

You’ll receive a Roadworthiness Certificate at the end of the inspection, and the great news is,
as an NUA customer this is absolutely free!