In business – understanding insurance

When running a business, it’s likely that you will never need to claim for fire or burglar damage. So, it may seem a little unnecessary to acquire that insurance. However, consider that these risks have the potential to entirely wipe out a business that has taken years to build up. It’s quite clear that being properly insured is worth it when you consider just how devastating damage to your property could be.

Take a look at our “Fire and Extended Perils” policy page for more information.


A typical commercial fire policy will have three sections.


A typical commercial theft policy covers loss of articles resulting from theft involving forcible entry, and may include the cost of repairing damages to the premises.

Losses from walk-in thefts or shop lifting would not be covered, and glass damage must be covered under a separate glass policy. Money is also excluded from a Theft policy and should be covered under a specialised money policy.

Other types of policies to consider would cover such things as your liability to your customers or employees to recover losses resulting from an injury suffered on your premises.

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