Private Boat & Yacht Insurance

Why choose NUA for your
Private Yacht Insurance?

Owning a yacht is both an emotional decision and a financial investment. Our Private Yacht policy protects your cherished asset and those aboard against accidental damage and injury. Our policies will also cover you for risks both on the water and while the vessel is in transit from its mooring location to your favorite launching spot, including liability coverage for your passengers, as well as other Third Parties not aboard your vessel.

  • Cover on the Water and in Transit
  • Tailored Coverage
  • Friendly and Helpful Service

Tailored Coverage

Your Private Yacht insurance will be tailored to suit your vessel’s usage, cruising needs and required level of Hull coverage, as well as Passenger and Third-Party Liability and medical payment requirements.

Physical Damage

We provide protection to hulls, dinghies/tenders to parent vessels, sails, motors, special equipment, and personal effects against losses or damage caused by, for example, fire, theft, collisions, sinking, and hurricanes – as well
as medical payments to passengers.

Liability Insurance

We cover your liability to your passengers or others (Third Parties) while you are operating your vessel. This includes bodily injury or death
to passenger or others, and damage
to other vessels or property.

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