Third Party
Liability Insurance

Why choose NUA for your
Third Party Liability Insurance?

At NUA, we unite with you to face the unexpected. We know that you take the utmost care with health & safety at your business, but the risk of someone being hurt and taking legal action against you is always an unfortunate reality. It could be anything from a client slipping while touring your factory, or a bystander injured by falling debris during construction. Let’s work together to face these risks and secure your business for the future.

  • Personal or public liability cover
  • Tailored coverage
  • Friendly and helpful service

Select between private and public options for your liability
coverage. You never know when disaster is around the corner,
so get a quote for one of these policies today:

Public Liability

This policy provides coverage for any third party who is in (or near) your home or business and suffers accidental bodily injury or death, or damage to their property.

Personal Liability

Covers you from legal expenses and claims for compensation should you accidentally injure a third party or damage their property.

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