Marine Cargo

Why choose NUA for your Marine Cargo insurance?

Marine cargo is the lifeblood of international trade. Our Marine Cargo insurance policy protects your goods against loss at the times when they are most vulnerable – during sea, land or air transit, or while in intermediate storage. At NUA, we’re able to offer different levels of cover, so whether you’re just transporting goods on a one-off or you do it on a regular basis, there’s an option suited to you.

  • Protect against damage or loss in transit
  • Send and receive cargo with confidence
  • Friendly and helpful service

What’s Covered

Our Marine Cargo insurance covers all risk of accidental loss or damage, or total loss only, to goods being transported around the world by sea, land or air. Accidental damage refers to, for example, front end damage to a vehicle while being towed to a seaport. An example of total loss only would be the loss of a shipment of furniture as a result of a vessel sinking.

The Options for Your Coverage

Individual Cover

Open Cover

Coverage Details

Individual Cover

For companies or individuals who do not require frequent shipments.  Coverage is arranged for each individual shipment of goods and coverage ends once the goods have been delivered.

An example would be coverage on a vehicle being imported from overseas – from the car lot in Miami until arrival at the seaport in Nassau.

Open Cover

For companies who, by the nature of their business/activities,  import and export goods on a frequent basis.  Cover is arranged on an annual basis and the premium is calculated on monthly declarations provided by the insured at a rate agreed depending on the information outlined below.

The cost of this type of coverage is determined by various factors relating to the goods being transported:

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