Private Aviation

Why Choose NUA for your Private Aviation Insurance?

Fly with confidence. Whether you fly for a living or for pleasure, you should consider the protection offered by aviation insurance. At NUA, we aim to get to know you and your needs, so we can work together to create bespoke policies designed to provide the right level of protect you and your aircraft, cargo and passengers. Our knowledge and market access will help you find the most comprehensive and affordable aircraft insurance available for your single engine aircraft, light jet or luxury private jet.

  • Cover for Private Flights and Cargo
  • Tailored Coverage
  • Friendly and Helpful Service

What We Cover

Aircraft Hull

Covers all risk of physical loss of or damage to light aircraft used for private/pleasurable purposes.

Liability Insurance

Covers your liability to passengers or
other third parties while you are operating your aircraft, including bodily injury or death to passengers or others,
or damage to property.

How we Tailor our Policies

Due to the complexity and unique nature of the Aviation business, our policies are tailored to meet your needs based on these main criteria:

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